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Rev. Charles Albert Tindley
July 7, 1851 to July 26, 1933

Inscribed on the gravestone are the words: Charles Albert Tindley, “Prince of Preachers:

Noted hymn writer who profoundly influenced American Gospel music. Born in Berlin, Maryland; overcame slavery and illiteracy to pastor Methodist churches in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Tireless worker for social justice and originator of the civil rights anthem, “We Shall Overcome.” Cared for the poor and disadvantaged. Rose from janitor to Pastor of Bainbridge Street (later Calvary) Methodist Episcopal Church, now Tindley Temple United Methodist Church, in Philadelphia. His influence lives on in his best known hymns: “Stand by me,” “Beams of Heaven As I Go,” “We’ll Understand It Better By and By” and “Nothing Between My Soul and My Savior.

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Eden Cemetery.

L: Rev. Tindley. R: Picture of gravestone. 

Pictures taken April 30, 2009.

Charles Albert Tindley. 2009. Eden Cemetery. Collingdale, PA, 30 Apr. 2009.

Site Visit
Charles Albert Tindley gravesite. Eden Cemetery. Collingdale, PA. 30 Apr. 2009.
INTERRED: Eden Cemetery, 1434 Springfield Road, Collingdale, PA 19023 Phone: 610-583-8737.
Cemetery Map.
SUBMITTED: May 25, 2009.
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