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Winston Edmunds
October 24, 1866 to December 15, 1933
Before Eugene Allen, the man portrayed in the 2013 movie "The Butler", Winston H. Edmunds worked as a butler in the governor's Executive Mansion in Richmond, Virginia for almost 50 years. He served as personal assistant to 12 governors and their families from 1886 to 1933. Mr. Edmunds also gave informal tours of the house and told stories of its many residents including an occasional ghost story. Inscribed on his gravestone are the words:

"His efficiency, courtesy and loyalty earned for him the confidence of his employers and the people of Virginia."

Headstone of Winston Edmunds.  Headstone picture taken October 18, 2008. Picture of Winston Edmunds courtesy of Virginia Executive Mansion, August 26, 2013.

Virginia's Executive Mansion - A Student Activity Book." Virginia: unknown. Print.

"Virginia Executive Mansion." facebook.com/VAGovsMansion, Web. 26 Aug. 2013.

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Winston Edmunds gravesite. Woodlawn Cemetery, Richmond, VA. 18 Oct. 2008.
INTERRED: Woodlawn Cemetery. 2300 Magnolia Road, Richmond, VA 23223. Phone: 804-643-4702. Contact person Mr. Entzminger.
SUBMITTED: October 20, 2008 and updated August 26, 2013.
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