Guest Speaker

                                                Percy White III  
Born the son of former sharecroppers, Percy White III is a Historian and Genealogist whose work includes more than fifteen years of research in the field of African American History. He is the founder and developer of, an online African American History and Genealogy website. Mr. White’s work includes traveling to historical locations throughout the United States, conducting interviews, taking photographs, and investigating events related to the history and culture of African Americans.  Several photos from his website have been published in two books: Voices for Freedom Abolitionist Heroes, Frederick Douglass - From Slavery to Statesman and Voices for Freedom Abolitionist Heroes Harriet Tubman, Conductor on the Underground Railroad. His photos have also been included in a Lifetime Network documentary about actor and R&B recording artist Aaliyah Haughton. In addition, Mr. White has 21 years of experience as a Juvenile Probation Officer in Alexandria, Virginia helping youth and their families improve their lives.

Contact Percy White III  at to speak to your organization regarding African American history and its importance in our lives. 


Carroll County NAACP Annual Martin Luther King, Jr Breakfast 2016
- Percy White III Black History Month Presentation 2014 at T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria, VA
StoryCorps/NPR Percy White III On His Father's Triumph Over Sharecropping 2012

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  Percy White III
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